If you’re interested in visiting SDA NOLA please visit this thread on our forum for more information.

Please be sure to bring a signed waiver.

Please note we are a small club and we are not always active on this website, the best place to really contact us, and where we are highly active, is through our Rocket Chat site at (Not always the most active on the #General channel, but I assure you we are there, probably in one of the practice day channels.)

Of particular interest to those new to HEMA one of our premier instructors, Christian Trosclair, hosts the New Orleans Sword School on some Tuesdays of the month. See our practice calendar and/or the Meetup group for more details on the best HEMA class in town! He checks in in Rocket Chat regularly so be sure to check the #practice-tuesday channel over there to keep in touch.

We have Free Day practices on Sundays at City Park, weather permitting. For more details on what a Free Day practice is check out this thread on our forums and see the attached file about Free Day practices.

Welcome to SDA NOLA and may you always fence with joy in your heart!