Congratulations to Christian Trosclair from SDA NOLA on winning HEMA Scholar Award for 2017!!

The Swedish HROARR website, which has been one of the main public venues for any kind of research related to Historical Fencing, has released it’s HEMA Scholar Award winners for 2017, and for the second time a member of SDA NOLA has won a prize.

Congratulations to Christian Trosclair for his prize and for international recognition of his work as a translator, instructor, and researcher in the world of Historical Fencing.

Awardees of 2017

The following is copied from the HEMA Scholar Awards website linked above.

Mr. Christian Trosclair

United States, Systeme d’Armes New Orleans

Christian Trosclair is a fencer, instructor and researcher active with SDA NOLA in New Orleans, who has been active since 2007. Christian competes in the tournament circuit and won 3rd place in Ringen at Longpoint in 2012 in spite of being seriously injured at the same event. He’s also been active as an instructor, and has taught workshops at at least 7 events since 2012. He has been Technical Director of the Wiktenauer since Dec 2013, and has done a significant amount of translation work for the site. These translations are part of a continuous churn on Wiktenauer and some of them become obsolete fairly quickly, but his work is valuable to the community and worthy of recognition.

A partial list of translations he did since 2014 include Pauernfeindt’s 12 rules [2014], Hugo Wittenwiler, the longsword section of Wallerstein [2015], Jobst von Württemberg (Longsword) & Nicolaus Augsburger [2016] and Sigmund Ringeck, Hans Medel, Peter Falkner (Longsword), Anonymous Kölner fechtregeln, Martin Syber, Anonymous 15thC poem Talhoffer/ Speyer, and the Anonymous Dresden (Longsword gloss) [all 2017]. Of these, we feel the Ringeck, Hans Medel and Wittenwiler are the most significant that have been published to date.

He’s currently finishing a translation of 3227a and one of Jörg Wilhalm Hutter, which are supposed to be released this winter.

Thanks to his high output of translation work and increasingly sophisticated analysis, Christian’s work as an amateur researcher is recognized by the jury as the Rookie Researcher of the Year for 2017.


Mr. Trosclair will receive the following:

The Hema Scholar Awards Iron & Silver Laurel Prize, designed and created by Dr Fabrice Cognot and sponsored by the HEMA Shop
1 gift certificate of 100 EUR sponsored by PBT Fencing
1 copy of Iberian Swordmanship, sponsored by Freelance Academy Press
1 gift certificate of 25 GBP from Fallen Rook Publishing
1 book of choice from the Ense et Mente catalogue, sponsored by Ense et Mente


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