A Knights Training

Our friend Arturo Carmargo has started this Indiegogo to raise money for a project:


If you have ever wondered how medieval knights trained themselves for battle, A Knight’s Training will give the answer.

I am Arturo Camargo, I am a historian and for over 8 years I have practiced historical fencing. Along all those year, I have asked myself, do I really have what it takes to become a knight?

To answer that question I did a research on how knights and swordsmen prepared themselves for a lifetime of combat. This project is a way to show the world the findings of that investigation. (Find the research here: http://hroarr.com/take-great-pains-in-your-knig…).

In a series of 10 episodes we will explore the advice of medieval combat masters, and we will visit experts of several disciplines a knight should master before going to battle, from gymnastics and strength training, to running and marching in armor, horseback riding and sword fighting.

Finally we will test this regime at a tournament!